Bekah – Exploited College Girls

You know that high sexual energy that professional pornstars usually fake? Bekah, this week’s 18 year old nympho, has it for real. She completely loses control when there’s the promise of sex, and this week she gets plenty. This update actually begins slightly after the action does – as soon as Jay slams the door of the ECG approved no-tell hotel she’s out of her clothes and on his cock. We pick up the action shortly after as a naked and hyper Bekah regales Jay with tales of her youthful sluttiness.During her pre-shoot sex confession Bekah explains that among other things, she loves getting pounded from behind and getting face fucked – in public if possible. Pretty adventurous stuff for an 18 year old. When she starts repeating her stories a second time Jay cuts to the action and goes after Bekah’s tight, meaty puss with his fingers and then a vibrator. She absolutely loves them but there’s no substitute for the dick.Before long our little Jersey girl is begging for Jay’s cock and, as regular subscribers know, the price for that ride is a blowjob. Often girls brag about how sexually open and adventurous they are and it turns out to be just that – bragging. But in the case of Bekah, she wasn’t lying. She LOVES the cock, when Jay grabs her head and gags her with his dick, she can barely control herself. Eventually Jay stops teasing her and gives her the dick she’s craving which results in a lot of hard pounding from Jay and dirty talk from Bekah as she orgasms repeatedly and begs Jay for his cum.It’s rare that an 18 year old is so completely in touch with her sexuality and willing to let go on camera, but Bekah is just that. She’s a fresh faced, enthusiastic little nymphomaniac cumslut and proud of it. Bekah, fly your freak flag high, we’re saluting (with boners.)